Germany Swiftly Becoming the New Sweden

Allen Gaynor


Within the past forty-eight hours, there have reportedly been three violent attacks across the nation of Germany, the latest of which left fifty people frightened, and two children with respiratory issues, when tear gas was released on a train in Hamburg yesterday evening. Two suspects, according to German national police, are on the run. Prior to this incident, a man in Dusseldorf reportedly wielded an ax, sending several an elderly man to the hospital. Is there no end to this madness? According to sources, Angela Merkel, Germany’s Prime Minister, has lately admitted that her policy has, indeed, hurt Germany. However, knowing that Berlin has done nothing to stem the flow of migrants into their country, one might, legitimately, have their doubts.

I’ve spoken with one Hamburg native, who admits that, even during their youth, the Turks have been meddlesome in Germany – everything from putting little or no effort in their homework assignments, to refusing to look for work. Oh, and according to that source, if you speak out against the unabated flow of migrants, Turks or otherwise, you’re racist. Is it any wonder that, in Poland last year, a girl was sexually assaulted by a man who was later released on account of the alleged ignorance of decent Western law? Law, one might add, by which all the rest of us are forced to abide. With this not exactly sudden increase in violence, when will the Western World resume calling a spade a spade, and defending itself against a threat for which we have seen insurmountable evidence that is incompatible with our own belief system? The influx of Islam notwithstanding, when will we, as decent, civil human beings, once again patrol our borders and stop taking in those about whom we, at the very least, have doubts?

If there’s anything that this incident in Hamburg teaches us, it’s that, even if the two suspects are not migrants, we cannot allow our laws to be upheld where convenient, so as not to offend anyone. Our borders must be secure; the law must be upheld at every level, from the police force, to the courts, to the removal of policies known not to work. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about Sweden, whose cities continue to burn in the background of news reports, even as the press smilingly insists that “Everything’s fine.” Is Germany to become the new Sweden? Will Hamburg become the new Malmo? Will Bild continue to tell the German people that the Rhineland is under no threat from anyone, except those who do not believe that their migrant population is just as tolerant as they? How long until we, the people of the United States, see the same result? How long until New York, or Ann Arbor, or Boston meet the same fate as Malmo? Will the United States learn the same lessons the Germans and the Swedes have failed to learn, if only for the sake of tolerance?

What happens when we invite someone into our own place of residence? Do we brush it off as some unusual idiosyncrasy when they flip the coffee table? When they threaten the owner of the deed to the house, is that acceptable? Why is it then acceptable if someone tries to hack an elderly man to pieces in Dusseldorf, or sprays tear gas on a train in Hamburg’s central station, injuring dozens of people? Will we continue to make excuses if it happens in our own hometowns? Will we continue to defend the same people who, quite literally, will be stabbing us?

I for one don’t like violence. On the other hand, I also don’t like it when someone does something they consider charitable, only to be repaid by having violence done upon them. What if, rather than a tear gas attack, it had been grenades tossed onto that train? How many people would have died? Unless I’ve been living under a rock, it’s only been getting worse – in 2016, more people than ever attended Oktoberfest, yet more women than ever reported rape; in the cities of Essen and Cologne, sex attacks briefly came to light, after numerous reports of rape were made on New Years’ Eve (in Cologne,) and at a festival last September in Essen, respectively.

Thank God the people on the train in Hamburg escaped relatively unharmed; don’t expect that the next time someone releases something on a train.

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