When Your DNA ≠ You

Walt Pereira


Lately, I’ve noticed a slew of “My DNA Results Videos” due to several entrepreneurial companies that have developed a somewhat affordable means of testing one’s DNA- Ancestry.com™ and 23 and Me™. It costs about $100… a bit expensive but within most people’s means if they really wish to positively absolutely know their ethnic makeup. I have not gotten one, but after watching many result vids by Hispanics, I’m pretty sure of what I’d received. I was born in Los Angeles, CA, to Nicaraguan parents. As most Hispanics, I am of European and Native American ancestry ( a “mestizo”, as it’s known south of the border. A “mulatto” is someone of European and African ancestry). My last name is Portuguese, so I’m assuming my DNA results would be something like this:

European- 50 something%±- Iberian Peninsula- Spanish, Italian/Greek.

Trace amounts: Jewish, North Africa, Africa, Middle East, West Asia

Native American- 40 something%±-

Trace amounts: East Asia.

The “Italian/Greek” is from the 400± years of Roman colonialism of “Hispania”. The N. Africa, Africa, M.E., and/or West Asia is due to the 700 years of Islamic colonization of Al-Andalus. “Iberia” literally means “Land of the Iberu” or land of the Hebrews…that’s where the possible Jewish DNA comes from. Apparently, the gene pool of Native American people have not been around long enough to differentiate- at least not at this price point, anyways, so even though my parents were from Central America and presumably intermarried with the Natives of Nicaragua, it will just say “Native American”. East Asia is due to the fact that All Native Americans migrated from there across the Bering Strait land bridge millennia ago. (BTW, I’d like to take this opportunity to willingly accept any property from any American with white-guilt who might be wanting to “give back the land” to the Natives, especially if you live on Park avenue, NYC or Beverly Hills or Brentwood, CA. Thanks).

One of the fascinating findings of the, “Human Genome Project”, was that every human being has about 4% Neanderthal DNA: 3.7±, to be exact. I’m old enough to remember that the science was settled on who the immediate ancestors of Homo-Sapiens were…the Cro magnons. We have ZERO Cro magnon DNA. Not only that, but people native to Africa have ZERO Neanderthal DNA! Interesting, no? So, what does this mean exactly? There is a famous scene in the 1960 film adaptation of the play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee’s “Inherit The Wind”, directed by legendary director Stanley Kramer ( not to be confused with the equally legendary, Stanley Kubrick). It is about the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in Tennessee in 1925. Snopes, a teacher, was fired for teaching about “Charles Darwin’s” theory of evolution (Just for the record, I want to mention that in 1980, Arnold C. Brackman wrote a book entitled, “A Delicate Arrangement”. In it he proves that it was Alfred Russell Wallace who discovered the “origin of species” through “natural selection”. Darwin stole his ideas…really!). The courtroom scene is famous because it supposedly debunks all the claims made in the Bible about the creation and the creation of man found in Genesis. I wish to highlight when Spencer Tracy playing “Henry Drummond”, based on Clarence Darrow, Snope’s defense attorney, is cross-examining “Matthew Harrison Brady” based on William Jennings Bryant. He asks that after Cain murdered Abel and was expelled East of Eden he found a wife in the land of Nod. Where did this supposèd wife come from if there was only Adam and Eve and their children Abel and Cain? Well, we now know the answer. It was a Neanderthal women. Furthermore, Africans that do not have Neanderthal DNA are the descendants of Adam and Eve and their third son, Seth. Thank you, Science, for proving the Bible, right again!

Apart from the obvious, these DNA result videos underscore something we all know…the American educational system is horrendously bad. It really is frightening how many Hispanics DNA testees ( the majority of which are in their late teens or early 20’s) are shocked to learn they have European “blood’ in them. I assume since their teachers only emphasize their victim status as a “person of color”, they don’t bother to teach them about their “dead white male-European” heritage. When they read out the breakdown of their DNA and read out the names of the various European nations from which they might be, it seems that the names are unknown to them, literally foreign to them. If Geography is beyond them, so is History- the Roman and later Islamic colonization of Spain. They are shocked to read that they have African, Middle Eastern, West Asian, or Jewish DNA. They are, however, extremely proud of having . especially, African DNA. Identity Politics in all it’s glorious failure. I can imagine what will happen to them when they learn that those trace amounts of DNA are pretty insignificant…remember, Neaderthal DNA is at 3.7%, more than most of the above mentioned trace amounts. It’s even more sad to find out that most of the testers and people commenting on the videos believe that there is a genetic component or connection to culture. So, a Hispanic not knowing the culture their parents were raised in then becomes a virtual crime. Essentially, a human right has been taken away from them. Their heritage has been erased, destroyed. Just because their skin is darker than white. Sad. This from the people that insist and call you all the names in the world if you don’t believe that the skin color you might have been born with is insignificant, unimportant, and meaningless (Remember…their motto IS Race,Class, and Gender!).

We all know culture is incidental. An African baby raised in Sweden “will be” Swedish. A white baby from Europe raised by the Yanomami in the Amazonian rain forest “will be’ Yanomami. I, born in the USA. of Nicaraguan parents grew up American. Babies learn whatever culture they’re brought up in and will be complete human beings. It is the Left that guilt-shames them into victimhood. Oh, you don’t know the language your parents were taught or the culture they were raised in??? OMG! You’ve been cheated of your birthright/heritage. Darn white people! (What, it was my parents who decided to leave their homelands and come here? Detail, schmeetails!)

I learned to speak Spanish because that’s what my parents spoke. I learned to speak English because that’s what was taught in school. I also learned to be an American, (i.e. it’s foundation, history, and most importantly, it’s culture) because I was taught these things, I was an American, or as the Founders put it, E Pluribus Unum, Liberty, In God We Trust. This is what makes us strong, not diversity and multiculturalism. This “multiculturalism” is indeed a strange animal. Most school kids aren’t taught another language, much less about other countries. They’re monocultural-multiculturalist! (Or as author and radio/TV personality, Canadian Mark Steyn would say: “What’s the capital of Saudi Arabia?”) Anyway, apparently, it is now considered “cultural appropriation” to learn another language. Truly! Diversity on its own breeds division-as we can clearly see not just here in the land of “Race, Class, Gender” but in any and all nations that have sizeable minority populations. Isn’t it obvious that not having to obsess on whether you’re 1/32nd Cherokee is a better way to live? Apparently not, in the world of the Democrats’ Identity Politics. Still, you would think that in this race, class, gender obsessed educational system, the Left would teach about races and classes at the very least. Well, you’d be wrong. They don’t teach about others’ anything. It’s only about victimhood. Hate. Division. If indeed, the Left were in it to decrease racism, hate, and division, they’d teach Hispanic kids that they’re both European and Native, and that no matter what color they are or where their parents may have been born, they are now Americans. Alas, it seems apple pie is racist- along with peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, learning English, and pledging allegeance to the flag.

DNA does tell you who your ancestors were, and from where they came from, but it will not tell you who you are. As I wrote above, being from a particular part of the world ≠ you. You are an aggregate of your parents’ DNA, instinct, God given Rights, the environment, and most importantly, how you were brought up…mostly the last, I would say.

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