The Stupid Deep In This Party Is

Walt Pereira


To paraphrase the late, great English statesman, Winston Churchill, the Republican Party is the worst party, except for all the others. I occasionally refer to it as the “not-Democrats”. I don’t literally hold my nose for the quadrennial GOP disappointment, but only due to the fact that I usually vote by Absentee Ballot. How did we manage to get a Trump into the White House? Well. It wasn’t with the help of the elected GOPe. It was those on the inner-web tubes, Milo, the often scorned but usually ignored (until election time) deplorable GOP base, and one cannot stress enough, the TrumpTrain- the new voting, the new to the GOP voting, disaffected-Bernie Youths, Democrats, Feminists, LGBT, Blacks, and Hispanics, and anyone else fed up with the Clinton Crime Family. The Big Tent GOP could only dream of being as big as the TrumpTrain.


The stand-for-nothing, blue-blood, country-club GOP is feeling it. What is being called the Conservative “re-alignment” is nothing but the GOPe peeing their boy pants and wondering if anyone’s noticed. Can a pear-clutching, panties-in-a-wad, holier-than-thou, much smarter than you, bring principles to a knife fight, milquetoast, “conservative” NeverTrump candidate get the TrumpTrain’s support in 2024? Nope. At this point, the Luddite “principled, and holier-than-thou” conservative is like France’s “Ancien Régime” (the old ways before the 1789 revolution that removed King Louis XVI). There still are many but- astonishingly- much less than was thought. I was once a staunch conservative Republican, i.e., both a Fiscal and Social Conservative. Many conservatives are a mixture of one or the other- “Conservatarians”. Some are conservatives because of Foreign Policy, say, “Neo-Cons”. I was a pure-bred conservative, although I did hold some “liberal” views. These days, apart from being a fan of Milo, as I wrote in another article, I’m also a big fan of Blaire White’s- @MsBlaireWhite- a “trans-gendered” “woman”. I’m of an age when “trans-sexual” (yes, before the Liberals made up “gender” to mean “sex of a person”) meant someone who had undergone the surgery to change their genitals. Ms. White has not undergone this surgery, so I don’t think of her as a “her”, but as others have said of different situations, I have more in common with her (I refer to her as a “her” out of courtesy. She’d say, if she were a Social Justice Warrior, that her pronouns were “Her Majesty” and “Sh*t-Stormer”) than I’d have with any “liberal” Catholic. The same I could say about Milo and any straight “liberal” guy. It’s what we have in common, not what that divides us, that connects us. This is the essence of the TrumpTrain. The GOP conservatives ≠ The TrumpTrain. I think they not only do not understand or really know who the TrumpTrain are, but also don’t trust them and certainly don’t love them, despite them giving the GOP the White House.


C-Pac2017, NeverTrump Matt Schlapp’s ACU (American Conservative Union) con-fab, was held in March. It was thought to be the setting for a conservative re-alignment, a getting together of the GOP factions after the extremely divisive election cycle. Many conservative Punditry Class, of all stripes, were there to give their ‘two cents” about what they felt about the state of conservatism, the GOP, and especially what they thought about Trump, who gave the closing speech, to a standing ovation. If the ‘conservatives” didn’t know, or wish not to know by now, Trump won without their support (and in many cases, despite their active support of Hillary Clinton). Here’s the question the losers of the Culture Wars have to ask themselves: “Can a “conservative”/NeverTrump candidate, like McLovin (what I call, Evan McMillan) and David French win without the TrumpTrain’s help? Nope. We on the Right have been ecstatic with Trump’s triumph this past November. Many are saying the GOP will trounce the Democrats in the 2018 mid-term elections, not just because up to 10 Senate seats that are in states Trump won in ’16 are up for grabs, but because of the total post-election meltdown of the political Left. Their refusal to accept defeat gracefully by questioning the election results, demands for the Electoral College system to be revoked (after they praise that system after each Democrat Party victory), rioting in the streets, and violent assaults on their political opponents- without a word of condemnation by either the former, losing candidate, Clinton, nor the sitting President, Obama-speaks volumes of the fall that the party has undergone. They continually demand Trump’s impeachment, for what crime they never say. We know it can’t be for “colluding with the Russians” since the Intel and national security communities have not found a shred of evidence of it, after 7 months of looking. If there is even evidence for it, this would be an even greater indictment on our seemingly incompetent national security apparatus (Also, bear in mind, that one of the WikiLeaks DNCleaks, exposed the plan between the Hillary Clinton campaign and with the News Media- the FakeNewsMedia- in which the latter would push a false story of Russian collusion in order to embarrass and presumably to get the Trump campaign to end by false imprisonment of members of the Trump camp, including Trump himself. Also bear in mind that the only hacking of the election that has officially been discovered was the attempt by Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security to hack into the electoral system in at least two states: Georgia, and Indiana.) More and more winning…or is it?


So far, Trump has been a conservative’s dream, one would think. He nominated a conservative to the Supreme Court, that even some NeverTrump were happy with. Judge Neil Gorsuch was just confirmed to the bench after the GOP Senate used the #ReidRule, aka, the “Nuclear option”- this is invoked by the Presiding Officer of the Senate-either the Vice-President, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or, usually, an elected U.S. Senator- in this case, the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky-to decide if a rule or precedent is constitutional. If it is deemed constitutional, it causes an immediate vote on the rule or precedent. A simple majority passes the option. Trump has talked tough to our enemies, not just the Russians, but to the North Koreans, and ISIS, too. After Syria’s military used chemical weapons on its own people recently, Trump ordered a limited cruise-missile strike against the airfield from which that attack was carried out, Sharyat Air Force Base, near Homs, the north-east of the Syrian capital, Damascus. Again, even NeverTrump agreed with this decision. He’s given the border Patrol and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) back the authority to apprehend illegal aliens that have committed crimes here in the US, rather than catching and then releasing them into middle America, as had been the policy under Obama. Now that the GOP holds the three legislative branches of the government (House and Senate of Congress, and the Presidency), you’d think they’d start to push their conservative agenda. You’d be wrong. The GOPeunuchs’ m.o. is to gain power but not to govern, per se. The disastrous new health care bill, the “HCA” (the American Health Care Act) was widely criticized as being as bad as the old one, the “ACA”- the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). The GOP house had 7 years to come up with a solution…zippo. If you recall the School House Rock classic, “I am a Bill”, which described in song the process of getting a Bill to become a Law, it’s Congress’ responsibility to make the laws of the land. The President proposes, but Congress disposes, so to speak- to borrow a phrase. Sure, ruling by Executive Order can and has been done, but eventually the good-for-nothing, nutless Congressional GOPeunuchs will have to give up their “power but not governance” style of leading and actually govern, or as Col. Kurt Schlichter (R-Army), columnist at TownHall, recently wrote, they’ll have to go from being a  Gen. George McClellan to being a Gen. George Patton (i.e., from someone who did nothing to someone who acted decisively). There’s the rub…we can already see with their failure to get some of Trumps Cabinet posts filled- not to mention the thousands of other places that need to be filled over all the departments and agencies, and the judgeships that have to be filled plus Federal attorneys that have to be assigned- that they might not be up to the job. The failure of the HCA to pass may well be cited by future Historians as the point that one could see that the “Republicrat Party”, the Political Class- the entrenched nomenklatura, or “Deep State”, as it’s called- ruled in Washington, D.C., and it wasn’t interested in “drain the swamp” because as in all living things, it’s instinct to survive was quite strong.


Although it is true that the “act as usual attitude” by the GOP is disheartening, there is one positive side to all of this, Trump himself. He continues to issue E.O.s since the GOP refuses to act, and they seem to be having their desired effects. As we go into the 3rd month of his administration, the reported number of illegal aliens caught attempting to cross the border has dropped 2/3rds from last year’s figure. The American consumer’s confidence in the economy is growing- Trump’s promise of lowering taxes and cutting the stifling regulations that prevent companies from creating jobs, plus the continuing meetings with industry CEO’s to try to get them to invest in their companies here in the US, thus creating more jobs- seems to be working. The job numbers for his first two months have been plus 250K each, far exceeding expectations. There’s a long way to go to match the job growth that Reagan’s economy experience after his tax cuts which at its height was creating 1.5M jobs a month, but it is going in the right direction, even without the tax cuts in place. Still, the markets are also responding. The NYSE index remains at near record levels. This is what will determine if the GOP dominates the 2018 mid-terms, despite the GOPe’s intransigence…how lives improve for the average American, especially for the minorities in the inner-cities, a portion of which voted Trump and helped get him into the White House, matters immensely. If it does, it will be that much more difficult, if not impossible, for the Democrats to gain any ground in Congress, and thus in their ability to affect Trump’s and the GOP’s agenda. One only wonders if the Stupid Party will snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory, as per usual.

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