The “Let There Be Light” Theory

Walt Pereira 


More and more scientists are arriving at the conclusion that sometime in our past an extra-terrestrial intelligence intervened in our evolution to create Homo-Sapiens. I read a while ago that noted filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket), not to be confused with Stanley Kramer (Blackboard Jungle, Inherit the Wind, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?), once asked his friend, noted science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke, to write him a good, old-fashioned sci-fi story…the result was, ”2001: A Space Odyssey”(1968), a film that posits an extra-terrestrial intelligence, in our primordial past, left “teaching devices” in the form of black monoliths, in order to “see” if “intelligent life” could be made to evolve amongst the various species on Earth. A group of apes, presumably our ancestors, having been chased away from the nearest watering hole, find one morning a monolith that teaches them how to use their hands to grasp tools, in this case, a jaw-bone to use as a weapon. They go on to win back their watering hole, which in the next scene, leads them eventually into space and the Moon, where they find a second monolith that serves as an “alarm bell” to warn, or to advise, our “makers” that, indeed, evolution had taken place for one of their “guinea pigs”. That leads to the mission to Jupiter, where “Dave” encounters a third monolith, this time serving as a “stargate”, or as we now call them, a “wormhole”, that leads him to our presumptive makers. All I have to say to these “E.T. was here” newbies is, “Welcome.” and, “ What took you so long?” Jews and Christians have believed this for millennia…of course, we call that “extra-terrestrial intelligence” God, not E.T.


In 1964, Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson, working at Bell Labs, in Holmdel, New Jersey, just north-east of Asbury Park, discovered what is now called, the “3° residual radiation of the Big Bang”. If you think about an explosion as a two-part process, with the 1st being the “bang” and dispersal of “debris” in all directions, and the 2nd, as the cloud of smoke that eventually dissipates, then this 2.7° radiation is the latter. This was the logical conclusion to the “Expanding Universe” Theory, postulated by Belgian Jesuit, Father Georges Le Maître in 1927. Penzias and Wilson received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1978 for their “Big Bang Theory”. They had found the “smoke” but the theory wasn’t actually proven until the C.O.B.E. ( Cosmic Background Explorer) satellite was launched in 1989. During its 4-year mission, it discovered, indeed, that this 3° radiation was present. For this work, George Smoot and John Mather won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2006. This is all fine and good, but if you’re a “disbeliever”, and instead believe the Bible is a book of fairy tales, how on earth did a group of goatherds, in the middle of the desert, telling stories around a fire,  come up with the “Let There Be Light “ theory 4 millennia ago? The Bible is neither a History book, nor a Science textbook, but I believe it’s both historically and scientifically accurate.


What else did those desert campfire Sheherazades dream up? Genesis 1:9-28 describes how life started on Earth, first in the ocean, then on land. First the Flora, and then the Fauna, and finally, Man and Woman. Science indeed says that life started in the ocean and then on land, just like it says in Genesis. Homo-Sapiens have been around for 200,000 years, it is estimated. The Earth is said to be 4.5 billion years old. Again, how did a group of goatherds know this? On the 3rd “day” God created the Earth and the “larger and lesser illuminations”. (The Christian Brothers taught me in high school that “Sun” and “Moon” were not used in order to render these “deities” meaningless in comparison to God.) So, what does this mean exactly? If the Earth had been created on Day One, it’d be on the edge of the universe; if it had been created on the 6th day, near the center. Scientists tell us, indeed, that the Earth is somewhere near the middle. Again, how did the goatherds know? BTW, those of you who say this is all nonsense since there were no days because the Sun wasn’t created until the 3rd one…it’s called “Poetic License”. It sounds better to say “Day One” rather than, “an indeterminate period of time before time began”. [Many Bibles translate it the “first day”, but it should be “Day One”- a specific starting point but without a specific ending point. The “days” that follow take the ordinals (2nd-6th) because everything follows that specific starting point.]

A hot topic of contention in the “Is the Bible correct?” War, is the place of Dinosaurs…where in the Bible do they come in? Where are they in the Believer’s world? Just for the record, I do not believe, as some do, that the Earth is 6000± years old. Is it 4.5 billion? I don’t know. The above account of creation in  Genesis is the 1st account. The 2nd account mentions that the Earth was a desolation and a wasteland and that God roamed the land and fashioned Adam out of dirt, and Eve out of Adam’s rib. So, where’s Dino, you ask? Right there, before the desolation and wasteland. If you’re scoffing, just remember, you probably believe Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage are in the Constitution. Where exactly?  Right there, you say. God commands them to be fruitful, multiply, and replenish the Earth. “Re”-“plenish”, i.e., do again. If we are to believe that an E.L.E (Extinction Level Event) meteor wiped out all the dinosaurs, and almost all other living things, 65 million years ago, as theorized by Luis Alvarez in 1981, then the Earth was indeed a desolation and a wasteland as it says. Again, how did those wacky Bedouin storytellers know that?


If you’re a fan of the Keanu Reeves “Matrix” Trilogy, you know that in the first installment, “The Matrix” (1999), there’s a scene when Neo (Reeves’ character) goes to visit the “Oracle”, which turns out to be an elderly black woman living in an apartment. She is supposedly going to tell him if he is the “One” that will deliver the people caught in the “virtual” reality of the Matrix into the real world, “Zion”. As he awaits her in the foyer, there is a bald boy sitting on the floor bending utensils with his mind. Intrigued, Neo sits Indian style before him. The boy says something like, it’s impossible to bend spoons. The trick is to understand there is no spoon, there is only you. Hmm. Very Zen.  Make me one with everything. In the New Testament, Luke 22:9-38, tells us about the Last Supper Jesus held for his apostles on Passover. He offers unleavened bread and says, “This is my body,” and of the wine he says, “This is my blood.”  The Catholic Church calls this the “transubstantiation” from the Latin, meaning “from this to (that) thing”. Hoc Est Corpus Meo. This is my body. This is where “Hocus Pocus” derIves from. Religious magic. The Catholic’s own “Zen moment”. Everything is in God. God is in everything. The most famous equation in the world is the “Law of Equalization between Energy and Mass”. Most everyone recognizes it, but only those that have taken Physics know it by that title. In high school algebra, everyone has to endure word problems…i.e., A train leaves Chicago, due East, going 45 m.p.h. A train leaves NYC, due West, going 60 m.p.h. Where do they meet? The trick to answering these word problems is being able to “translate” the words into numbers, variable, and equations, so, A and 45, B and 60, and d = distance, s = speed, and t = time: d = s/t, s = d/t, and t = d/s. Violà, you have the answer. So let’s translate. The Law of Equalization (=) between Energy (e) and Mass (m). Violà, E = mc². Most people think this is the Theory of Relativity, it is not. It’s the Law of Equalization between Energy and Mass. Relativity has to do with gravity and warped space around suns. Einstein used E = mc² to prove his theory, actually, to explain how stars shine for so long.  A small particle releases an immense amount of energy. The “c” in the equation is constant for the Speed of Light. 186,000/ m.p.s (seconds) ² = 3.4 billion ±. In essence, E = mc² tells us everything is energy. I just so happen to be me and this computer happens to be a computer right now. 1000 years from now it won’t be one. 1000 years ago it wasn’t one, but right now it is. The trick is understanding there is no computer, just you.  Energy is in everything. Everything is Energy. How did Jesus’ posse know this 2,000 years ago?  We’ll never know for sure, but the science is settled.



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