What Does the ICE Really Do?

Tobias J Song


When I started reading the newspaper, stories about ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) were always featured on the front page. But the stories are not about how well the governmental agency is doing their jobs, but about stories of illegal immigrants who are subjected to be removed by ICE. They play the protagonist role in the article, and through that, the media is saying “Look what ICE is doing! They are removing innocent people from our nation! Save them!” Through this process, ICE has been demonized although they laboriously work for the public safety of the United States.

image (8).png

The image above was captured on April 18, 2017. As you can see in the picture, most of the media on the front page of Google news search are focusing on the malpractice of ICE. People tend to rely on the emotion of the population instead of thinking logically about the situation.  The media is supposed to be logical and play the role of fact carrier but since the last president election campaign, most of the media has lost their primary function.

In the process of removal, ICE may interrogate the illegal immigrants who did not commit a crime, and sometimes they interview DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) status, holders. In some cases, they may intimidate the legal aliens who are working here, performing art here or studying here. This may seem bad but here’s the thing. First, ICE has a right to ask the alien to show up in the ICE local office and interview them if they believe the process is necessary. So even LEGAL immigrants have to comply the order of the agency. Now, let’s talk about the illegal immigrants who did not commit the crime and people of the DACA. Although crossing the border without legal process or losing legal status in the United States is not a felony, it is clear that they did not follow the law; that’s a fact. Then with a valid reason, ICE can interrogate or interview them if they need to. What I cannot understand is the disobedience of illegal immigrants and the stories the media reports of these cases. Like I said, if illegal immigrants did not commit a crime, but they disobey a federal law, it is still deemed “ILLEGAL.”

image (9).png

The real work that ICE does is not to intimidate the good people in the U.S. Like you can see in the image above, they arduously work to remove the dangerous illegal immigrants and keep this country safe from the influence of illegal substances that they carry. However, the media is intentionally getting blinded themselves by not reporting what ICE actually does. They focus on the emotionally intriguing immigration story and not the illegal behaviors of the illegal immigrants.

Nowadays, many contemporary American medias are biased and heavily rely on populistic emotion. I can let media can have their own opinion and I do not mind reading the articles, but what they should not forget is their primary role: delivering what happened to the people. As long as they deliver factual content, I would not be complaining. Sadly, the situation is getting worse, and unfortunately, the media is clearly failing to deliver what ICE is really doing for the nation.

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