Trump Care, Don’t Pop Open the Champagne Yet

Tobias J Song
Finally, Trump Care passed the House. Americans should be happy about getting out of the shackle in forced purchase of health insurance. Obviously, Trump Care is not the perfectly right answer at this point, but it is a tremendously better option than the previous Obama Care since the federal government would not need to spend ridiculous amounts of money in order to sustain a malfunctioning system.
Nationwide healthcare program is not a terrible idea, but the method of approach that the Obama administration adhered to was absolutely horrendous. When you establish policies that are related to medical professions, you need to talk to and persuade the professions first. Why? because they are the real executioners! The Obama administration completely ignored that. Not only did the cost of Doctors and Nurses stay the same, the federal government actually increased the amount of health care debt. This was because they had to pay for the gap between the actual cost of the medical professions AND the fee that Obama Care beneficiaries actually pay.
Although we finally got out of the worst healthcare plan in the United States history, Republicans and the United States still have a long way to go. It is evident that persuading medical practitioners to decrease their cost of service would be almost impossible under the circumstance of the United States. They are indeed an entitled class in America and would be really onerous to persuade them to drop one of their biggest benefits. But if they did, the free medical treatment market and free market of medical insurance will be the appropriate system of the United States. The only hope for Americans to have medical services at a reasonable price would be to open up unlimited competition between practitioners in acquiring patients and to have the healthcare insurance companies negotiate with the practitioners to come up with a reasonable medical charge.
With that being said, Trump Care is still not enough. Republicans need to start planning the process of implementing a totally free market for the healthcare system.

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