(The) Resistance is Futile

Walt Pereira 


The last election cycle left so many people speechless. They could not believe that their precious constitutional right to vote was, in their opinion, for naught. A tale of two worsts, Clinton and Trump. They remind me of the people that call fashion magazines “pornography”. I’m just as annoyed at people who said we were in Iraq “only for the oil”. Deep thinkers, I think not. One of the more amusing groups to come out of the cycle was the SMODers. The “Sweet Meteor of Death”, the ELE that would strike the Earth and wipe out all life, so the results of the election didn’t matter anyways. I got to saying that I thought the “Mainstream Media”, or “Lame Stream Media”, now called the #FakeNewsMedia, was like the Dinosaurs, and the “New Media” spawned from the inner-web tubes, was like the meteor…the Dinos were extinct, they just didn’t realize it yet. This New Media, and it’s intrepid young journalists that aren’t afraid of doing a little journalism-ing, is the reason why “The Resistance”, the name the Democrats have given themselves to oppose the Trump Administration- and the GOP, in general, is failing and will fail. Once upon a time, the FakeNewsMedia could have influenced an election by exposing an “October Surprise”- a scandalous news story sprung at the last minute, in order to scuttle or damage a Republican campaign. In 2004, the presidential race pitted Bush fils against FakeWarHero, John Kerry. The surprise at first was a news story that several ammo dumps in Iraq had been emptied of their ammunition by supposed terrorists, thus increasing the likelihood of more American troops being killed by the “incompetence” of Bush’s occupation “non-plan”. New Media reporting turned this scandal into a non-story- as it would the next surprise, CBS News Anchor, Dan Rather’s “smoking gun” report on the sudden appearance of  a  letter “proving” that Bush had indeed been AWOL during his service in the Texas Air National Guard, which Bush had gotten a spot in to avoid being sent to fight in Vietnam, so the story went. Again, due to some journalism-ing by New Media types, this letter- and story- was proven to be FakeNews, as we’d say now. The FakeNewsMedia was – as Obama would say- bitterly clinging to the days they could make the news, not just report on it.


What could arguably have been the biggest moment of the election cycle- at least for the defeat of Clinton is concerned- was the unexpected revelation through WikiLeaks’ infamous DNCLeaks- the e-mails to and from DNC staffers, the Clinton campaign, and certain FakeJournalists which were leaked to WikiLeaks, not by Russians, but by former, now late, DNC staffer, Seth Rich, who was murdered in D.C. not a week after the leaks. These e-mails showed two important game-changing facts. First, it clearly demonstrated that many media outlets and their reporters were colluding with both the DNC and Clinton campaign, breaking all journalistic standards of impartiality, and of being unbiased in reporting facts. Second, it showed what the staffers- and by extension, the entire party- really thought about the average Democrat voter- and everyone else not part of the elitist clique running the party. Not a single group of people were spared their scorn, venom, and epithets:  Blacks, gays, Hispanics, women, the elderly- all the people this party of inclusion and tolerance claimed to be for. Their support for the “little people” was shown to be just pretense and pandering to get “minorities” to vote for them.


Every effort made by the Resistance has been a colossal epic fail:  Their cry of the “illegitime” election of Trump due to Russian hacking, meddling, or collusion; the attempt to discredit the brilliance of the Founder’s Electoral College system and get electors to disavow their oaths and vote their “conscience” and change the vote for Clinton, not Trump; the many protest marches, starting with the anti-inaugural riot, then the so-called “WomensMarch”- which was tarnished from the start due to the so apparent hypocrisy of these “outraged” “Feminists” who haven’t said a word while tens of thousands of non-Muslim AND Muslim girls and women have been kidnapped, raped, sold into sexual slavery, or murdered in the Middle East and Africa, along with the fact that co-founders of the march, Linda Sarsour, and Rasmea Odeh, were both Jew-hating, terrorist and Sharia supporting Muslims (Odeh, an actual convicted terrorist convicted for the murder of two Israelis!); the attempt to financially hurt the Trump companies, and any company that publicly showed any support for Trump and the GOP became the target of #GrabYourWallet- a pro-boycott call to arms by the Resistance, the opposite effect has occurred in all these attempts, it just galvanized the Right to go and help these targeted companies- such as the enormous increase in orders for the Ivanka Trump Company and LLBean- singers Jackie Evancho- who sang at the Inaugural- and Joy Villa- who wore the stunning MAGA dress, designed by fellow pro-Trump fashionista, Andre Soriano, to the Grammy Awards- have both seen their record sales skyrocket because of their courage to “come out” as Trump supporters.


The latest protest was the so-called “MarchForScience” which again failed to rouse more anti-Trump sentiment than there already was, mostly due to the fact that this was seen as more of a political stunt than for a real push to advance science itself. The “Party of Science” that spent decades telling us that homosexuality was not a social construct, but something gays were born with, now tells us that there aren’t two sexes, but multiple “genders’- it all depends on what each person identifies as (i.e., a social construct), and that there aren’t races because “Transracialism” means one who is white can “identify” as a black and so is therefore black (Just ask FakeActivists and FakeWhites- Talcum X-Shaun King- and Rachel Dolezal); and now spreads- what columnist, author, and lawyer, Col. Kurt Schlichter, calls the “weird weather religion”- the fraud known as Climate Change. One of the faces of the March for Science was Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” who’s not a scientist, but played one on T.V.-  and still does- for fame and notoriety. The prevailing view of the “Party of Tolerance” is that people who believe in God and are religious are “unenlightened” yahoos who hate Science and facts and the truth. What the mentally, educationally, and history-challenged Democrats can’t understand- or wish not to acknowledge- is that religious people founded modern science by  seeking the truth, because they felt the truth would bring them closer to understanding God, and far from being against the truth, embrace it, but shun what they see as political propaganda- as what was once called, “Global Warming,”- and before that, “The coming Ice Age,”- as it was called in the 70’s ( Or was it ‘Global Cooling’?)- is seen as.  This is called “settled Science” and anyone “blaspheming” against the official state religion will be silenced, ostracized, and if possible put under arrest (No heterodoxy amongst the orthodox, or else.No one ever expects the Liberal Inquisition!). For some reason, Democrats and their “Resistance” can’t seem to grasp that we’ve seen the emperor without his clothes. We know that the computer models made by ClimateChangers have shown that the Earth is not warming up and that they tried to cover up this data- and the cover-up, too. Hello!  We’re not potted plants. This “environmentalism” is just war by another name. As war was just a continuation of politics, as Von Clausewitz wrote in 1873, so Climate Change is the continuation of the Socialist attempt to defeat Capitalism and the Judeo-Christian West. Red has turned into Green. Just as Communism failed, and Socialism, too, the “WarmMongers” fail to realize that Capitalism is saving more lives- and in general, the lives of the “downtrodden”- than their leftist words have ever done. Blackmailing- or is it “greenmailing”?- the developed nations into paying trillions of dollars to make elitists feel better about themselves isn’t working out too well.


The final straw that may break the back of “The Resistance” is the overreach by not just the anti-Free Speech SJWs on America’s campuses and social media, but also that of the “BlackShirts” of the Democrat party, Antifa- the “anti-Fascists” that everyone but the FakeNewsMedia and their Party can see are more fascist than the “fascists” they rail against. The despicable silencing of Milo Yiannopoulos, and later, columnist, author, and conservative provocatrice, Ann Coulter, in the home of the “Free Speech Movement” UC Berkeley, and the violence on those attending the event, has done more to tarnish their shameful non-“tolerance for all others” image  they so desperately wish to be perceived as. It has not helped their cause that law enforcement is now taking the simple action of unmasking the BlackShirts wherever they appear, thus taking away their number one power- anonymity. It’s always easier to rid yourself of pests in the light of day.


Recently the brain trust over at MSNBC asked if Trump could be impeached for just being him ( Or for not being one of them, a Democrat), or if he needed to actually have committed a crime to be prosecuted. Duh. We know for the Party of Division, Identity Politics, of Race Class Gender, anyone not meeting their standards of political purity should be silenced, and if possible, persecuted and prosecuted, They don’t let facts like you need to actually commit a crime to be brought to justice get in the way…nor do they bother with numbers or math: 238 > 193 and 52 > 48. You know, #MathIsHard 4 some people. Yes, reality sucks when you’re stupid, or when there’s so much hate in your heart, there’s no room for anything else, like facts or compassion.


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