Free Speech for me but not for the Haters

Walt Pereira

“They who to States and Govenours of the Commonwealth direct their speech…” thus begins the 85 word long first sentence of, Aereopagitica (1644), John Milton’s impassioned plea for the freedom of the presses which he penned in the midst of the English Civil War (1642-51), that pitted monarchists versus parliamentarians. As we contend with a much maligned Press- which we refer to as the FakeNewsMedia (FNM)- caught in their unethical reporting of- most recently- the 2016 election cycle in which they completely gave up the pretense- a joke going around for at least half a century now- that the vaunted Fourth Estate (So called because it’s purveyors- whom we now refer to as FakeJournalists of the FNM- see themselves as the “guardians” of Free Speech, and who are entrusted to keep the government “in line” by reporting all it’s shortcomings- as well as successes.) isn’t just a “5th Estate”- a conflation of the Fourth Estate with the Madrileños’ Fifth Column of the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), a rather apt appellation, as it were- and does indeed keep with their journalistic principles of impartiality and of reporting news and not their views and opinions as news, failed miserably to uphold their standards and threw their considerable weight as purveyors of information onto the side of their political favorites, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton, with the excuse that they did this dastardly deed because a Trump victory would put all their “principles” (And dreams they had for their party’s victory) in jeopardy; therefore, it was a moral imperative and obligation to drop their normal “impartiality” (Of being biased toward the Democrats) to make sure “Democracy would not die in darkness” (That is, in the hands of anyone not part of the cabal, namely the conservative press and a GOP led Congress and presidency).

England’s parliamentary presbyters chose to enact the Ordinance for the Regulation of Printing in 1643, which prohibited any work from being printed without the seal of approval of the government…thus, Aeropagitica. The Aeropagus- literally the place where Ares, the Greek god of war, was judged for killing Poseidon, the god of the sea- was a spot not far from the Acropolis in Athens, Greece that later became the site of it’s supreme court. Milton used examples from the Bible and the Classical past to argue that even the governments of ancient Greece and Rome didn’t prevent books from being published. If ideas were found to be bad, they were dealt with after publishing them. He also argued that it was only by being presented with contrary ideas that one could “improve” the human condition, and wondered that if this misbegotten idea were implemented, exactly who would be tasked with the roll of censor…it’d be a Herculean task that not too many would be able to fulfill. Unfortunately for John Milton, and for all freethinkers in England at the time, his ”speech” was rejected by the presbyters.

Here and now, we are faced with a much worse attempt to censor and silence the thoughts, words, and actions of anyone not thought to be “politically correct”- one who espouses the views of the Democrats. Yes, we have the right to express our beliefs and say whatever we want- even if offensive: you can burn the flag, put a crucifix in a jar of your own urine and have the government fund you to do it as a “work of art”, and even be a Nazi and protest in a Jewish neighborhood- or so says the SCOTUS. Still, you can’t yell, “Fire!” in a theater or incite people to violence (but the latter is in the eye of the beholder, alas). There’s a difference between absolute freedom and workplace freedom. It’s up to the individual to exercise common sense. If you call someone a name- a right you enjoy- don’t be surprised it that someone responds with a fist- an act that usually goes unpunished. You can hop on a flight to South Africa, joke that you don’t have to worry about getting AIDS because you’re white, and be out of a job by the time you land in Johannesburg. You can work at a fast-food restaurant, spit in the food and drink of police officers then brag about it on social media and lose your job, soon thereafter. You can even be a journalist and threaten the life of President Trump and lose your gig. Disturbingly, this latest round of attacks on our right to Free Speech are not of this type. It’s not about “what’s” being said, per se, but by “whom” it’s being said. The Democrats’ “other” problem is that they’ve always had this Us vs. Them, or Us vs. The Other, mindset- with the “other” being anyone and everyone not of the same skin color or of the same political opinions than they. They aren’t arguing that what others say offends them but rather that others don’t share their views and should not be allowed to have these “offensive” views. Be gone, stain! Milton apologized for the parliamentarians. If he had been young enough, he may have even been a “roundhead’ himself. Alas, he just used his brains as a weapon for his country, and it repaid him with censorship. Too bad he didn’t come up with a “The best laid plans…”, then again, the way he wrote, it’d probably leave Yoda saying,”Perplexes, your grammar does, Methinks.”

When white supremacist, Richard Spencer was punched in the head after the inaugural in D.C., every news site of the FNM ran stories about it. Not to condemn the Antifa thug who assaulted him, but to argue that it’s basically fine to assault anyone you feel is being offensive. Of course, they phrased it as anyone involved in hating and hate speech, but we know what they were really saying: “Conservatives, GOP, those living in Podunk, USA…we will target you, assault you, and silence you, because you are you and not Us.” Is it any wonder that that these same news sites would in short order be reporting that the Obama Administration did indeed spy on their political “enemies” AND was justified in doing so because he was a black Democrat and his “enemies” were, well, evil non-Humans. Nixon schmixon. Let us be perfectly clear, the FNM, college SJWs, college professors, and the endless talking heads of elected Democrats and assorted political pundits of the Party are not arguing that certain speech should be outlawed and silence, but that certain people should be.

This is the continuation of the fight against Free Speech started by the very people who fought the supposed war for Free Speech in the 60’s, whose home was UC Berkeley. As anyone who knows any history of socialist movements will tell you, once they assume and consolidate their power, one of the first things they do is create camps to inter the “offensive” (So beginning in 1918, just after the October revolution of 1917, the communists in the USSR created the modern concentration camps- as defined as a place to place your supposed enemies in order to eliminate them, not imprison them- or as Nobel Laureate Alexander Solzhenitsyn would call them, “the Gulag Archipelago.” The Mencheviks who over threw the Tsar in March 1917 did not create camps, but the Bolsheviks who overthrew them did. Sadly, this was to repeat itself 15 years later when another faction of socialists, the Nazis, seized and consolidated their power in Germany. Hitler was not an innovator, but more an imitator of Lenin, Stalin, and Mussolini). So despite spending the 60’s fighting for Free Speech, once they took over the professoriate of American Universities, these Love Children Voltairians taught their “children”- America’s students- their bigotry: to see and regard anyone not agreeing with their radical leftist ideology as the enemy, and therefore, to treat them thusly- condemn them, ostracize them, shout them down, prevent them from gaining any foothold at school or anywhere else. Yet, no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!- as those wags of “Monty Python” would famously quip. 

The Law of Unintended Consequences. The Flower Children- turned “adults”- should have seen, if they’d have had even a modicum of self-awareness (which they didn’t and still don’t), that just as they turned against their “squaresville”, phoney-baloney, racist and discriminatory parents (as they believed them to be), that THEIR own “children” would do the same to them, and do the same they have- in spades. To the millennial safe-space-needy snowflakes, their “parents” are nothing but ageist, ableist, cis-normative genderist, transphobic, patriarchal over-privileged old white people who really all deserve to be dead. (Can you say, Karma?) As children who refuse to take their medicine will shut their mouths and shake their heads in refusal, so today’s snowflakes refuse to allow anyone to get close enough to offer a dose of reality outside of their insulated safe spaces. We’ve all seen videos of them screeching autistically at the highest volume they can register. This is them “literally” following the dictum of their “tolerant and open minded” profs to shout down their opposition.

What the Democrats are normalizing, with the complete aiding and abetting of the FakeNewsMedia (which still sees the out of control children as controllable) is the idea that you are intolerant if you don’t agree with the espoused ideas of the Party and it’s various militant groups: BlackLivesMatter, the LGBT community, Antifa, MS13, the “Pussyhat” brigade or “feminists”, etc. “We don’t tolerate the intolerant,” is their motto…which only leaves you wondering what “tolerance” means to these “educated” knowledge-challenge people. 

Screeching and bullying for silence and conformity, not for freedom to express yourself however you wish to do so? Today’s point of attack that the FNM is showcasing is the “hate speech” is not covered by the First Amendment canard, so it’s ok to punch a Nazi, keep a Milo, Ann- or even a well known and respected author and political scientist like Charles Murray- from speaking on a campus because it’s treasonous for those we disagree with to express their hateful views- or to be in Congress or the White House. Even prosecution will ensue if you don’t hesh that mouth…just ask Canadistani, author and T.V. and radio personality, Mark Steyn, who’s being sued for daring to oppose the fraud known as “Climate Change”. Don’t think this only happens in other parts of the “Anglo-sphere”: England, Australia, New Zealand , and Canadistan…it happens here too. We all know of the infamous and fascistic attacks on Christian bakery owners, but in every major city- which are all dominated by the Democrats- there are “Human Rights” or “Human Relation” councils which make regulations and laws which essentially makes holding opposing views criminal. In “Red” Texas, preachers are monitored to see if they are preaching sermons that oppose Homosexuality so they can silence these non-conformist “haters” (Yet at the same time, doing nothing about the discrimination against homosexuals by the muslims in the country. Muslim bakeries are immune from being sued to bake for LGBT members because the muslims are seen as vulnerable and thus are a “protected” class to these councils. 
Same thing goes for muslim taxi drivers who break the law by refusing to drive women or handicapped people with service dogs. Yes, Virginia, Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one above the law…so are all muslims. Want to rape a 9 year old girl- or marry her? Why sure, Mohammed. Who are we to question your cultural differences? BTW, monitoring mosques for hate filled “homophobia” is strictly Verboten…That imam is spouting hate speech? That’s fine. Ever wonder why this “religion of peace’s” religious leaders are so unpeaceful and full of hatred? It’s because to muslims, the Koran is authentic in Arabic only, so imams have to be imported from Saudi Arabia- which is the hotbed for virulent anti-Semitism, Christophobia, and racism against blacks, who are still sold as slaves in Islamic countries. Remember, the Church went through it’s Reformation after the Bible was translated from the Latin, which only the “elite” could speak, to the various European languages, thus taking the “power” away from the Church and giving it to the people. Alas, those with the rose-colored glasses thinking Islam will reform into something not so filled with venom are in for a long, long wait…we’re still waiting for muslims to stand up against Islamic terrorism that happens every day.
We have not reached the point where the Democrats have been able to put yellow crosses on “normals”- as Col. Kurt Schlichter, author and columnist, calls everyone not a Democrat- nor to build the camps to put us in…yet. The law enforcement community and the military are still largely made up of “normals”- still, they do have to follow the rules set down by politicians, and more and more we see law enforcement ignoring the problems that the Democrats wish not to be seen or reported- like the violence of black “mobs” on whites, Hispanics, and Asians- along with an increasing pro-Sharia tilt to their police activities. It does not go unnoticed that every time there is a terror attack, or attempted attack by muslims that the authorities will bend over backward to say that “religion” was not an issue (“We’re dumbfounded as to the motivation of why this muslim yelling, Allahu Akbar, did what he did!”). It’s not a coincidence that the last 8 years has seen a sky-rocketing in the sales of guns in the country. The Democrats may wish to ignore muslim threats at killing infidels, but “normals” hear them loud and clear. After all, self-preservation is a basic instinct in animals- normal humans included.

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