Angela Merkel, the Leader Who Cannot Do Math

Tobias Song


On May 28th, Chancellor of Germany and one of the major leaders of the European Union commented on President Trump. She has concluded that after three days of trans-Atlantic meetings, Trump is not the reliable partner her country and Continent have automatically depended on in the past. Seemingly her comment was made because of the doctrine of President Trump; collective defense of the Europe.

image (13).png

By her comment, it became obvious that she cannot do math problems that well. Statistics show that the U.S. must be a reliable partner of Germany and NATO. People would not know how much money the U.S. spends for the continuity of NATO. If we set up the total expenditure of NATO as 100%, the United States is taking 22.14% of the cost share, Germany taking 14.65%, and France taking 10.63%. Not to mention other miscellaneous countries that are taking less than 2% of the expenditure; it is obviously an unfair sharing cost.

Now, the leader of Germany says they cannot depend on the country which takes 22.14% of the defense of Europe. Why do Americans bear this humiliation while we spend countless dollars to defend Europe, the continent full of rich countries? I know there are many reasons why we need to keep NATO continuously, but we do not deserve this treatment from the German leader who is relying their national security on us. And maybe this is the moment that we should reduce the expenditure on NATO and let them realize how valuable the United States was.


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