The Democrats’ “Other” Problem

Walt Pereira 


The punch in the title refers to the blow to the face of a self-described, “anti-Nazi scalp Huntress”, and Antifa member, which was caught on tape and posted all over social media. For a year now , the, essentially (in this case not brown-shirted, but black-shirted), “storm troopers”  of the Democrat Party- Antifa (short for Anti-Fascist) has engaged in a guerilla war against Trump supporters, wherever and whenever, the Deplorables or Trump Train have gathered, and have done so relentlessly and with impunity. We know through the DNCLeaks exposed by WikiLeaks that the Democrats paid agitators to attend Trump campaign rallies to cause trouble. The double whammy of disrupting the party AND then blaming the trouble on Trump “because of his ‘inciting’ rhetoric”, was a win-win for Team Hillary. We also know from those leaked e-mails that the Fake News Media were willing accomplices, before and after the fact, by agreeing to never mention that these violence prone thugs were Democrats or Hillary supporters, and by many times blaming their violence on the TrumpTrain.


The view commonly held by those more tolerant than you or me is that they will never be tolerant of intolerance or the intolerant…the irony and lack of self-awareness is lost on them, but not to us. Of course, the problem with this skewed “Weltanschauung” is that “intolerant” to them means anyone that deigns not to believe what the Democrats believe. If you dare not to see the world through race-gender-classed glasses, you are not of them…in fact, you are not quite human at all, and consequently (and inevitably), you can be and must be, treated with as much disdain and violence that can be mustered. It’s “us and them”, period. Levi-Strauss could have spent a lifetime trying to decipher the New “New-Left” persona, as manifested by the average Social Justice Warrior. Still, lest we forget, this is the way The Democrats have been since forever. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting their website, please do so and click on the “History” icon. You’ll read that the Democrats have been the party for Civil Rights for 200 years! Can you believe it? That’s like the German National-Socialist Workers Party saving they were a beacon of light for European Jewry. Why in the world would the party of Slavery and Jim Crow claim that and think they could get away with it? One, truly, in the psyche of the average Democrat, they ARE the champions of the poor, downtrodden, and- as they now say- the “vulnerable”. Two, the educational system that the Democrats have established over the last two generations IS that bad, essentially nothing but a propaganda mill churning out Left-wing activists (not even Roger Waters would be honest enough to see the “thought control” in that way). Yes, it’s doubtful that many young people would see this claim by the Party as the boldfaced lie it is. Us vs the “Other”. Such a frame of mind that divides you from others because that someone is not like you or thinks like you, and therefore, should not be considered as someone deserving respect as a human being, is not a recent incarnation of the Democrats. It’s been there since the inception of the Party. It started with “If you don’t look like us, you are not one of us.” and is now.”If you do not think like us, you are not one of us.” They have indeed, come a long way, baby.


The Democrat Party has its roots in the Republican-Democrat Party begun by future presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, the 3rd and 4th presidents respectively, in 1797, as an opposition party to the Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton. The R-D’s mostly aligned along an anti-constitutional viewpoint, with most members being in southern states. It dominated American politics for the first quarter of the 19th Century: Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, and John Quincy Adams ( The son of Washington’s V.P., and 2nd president, John Adams, the one and only Federalist ever elected president). By 1827, the R-D’s had become the Democratic Party. It was to dominate American politics for the next quarter century, with 5 of next 8 presidents ( The 3 non-D’s were Whigs). Its first president was Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson (1767-1845), so-called because of his unbending adherence to rules as a commanding officer in the Army. In the War of 1812, he led the forces that won the battle of New Orleans against the British (in January 1815). The battle actually took place after the ceasing of hostilities, achieved in December of 1814, with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent. In 1819, Jackson led troops into Florida, then held by Spain, ostensibly to pursue runaway slaves. In 1821, President Monroe sent him to take possession of the state from the Spanish and served one year as it’s military Governor. My adopted hometown, Jacksonville, (founded in 1791) was re-named in his honor in 1822. One of the first orders of business in his presidency (1829-1837) was the removal- or as we would call it now, the “ethnic cleansing”- of all Indian tribes in the South, east of the Mississippi River, which led to the “Trail of Tears”, the route taken out west to their new “reservations” in Oklahoma. Thousands perished along this trail. The Indian Removal Act (1830) affected the Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee-Creek, Seminole, and Cherokee tribes, and effectively opened up more lands in the South to the well-spring of Slavery, the cotton plantations. The Democrats earned the name of the “Party of Slavery”. Their clamoring for newly admitted states to become slave states was the seminal reason for the founding of the Republican Party in 1854, which was fervently abolitionist and pro-Union in spirit and action. The assassination of Lincoln, after the Civil War, in 1865, was to have reverberations that are still being felt today. Although the GOP was to dominate American politics for the rest of the century, it was the failure of Lincoln’s vice president, Andrew Johnson, the only Democrat that stayed loyal to the Union, and the Republican Congress, that refused to enforce Reconstruction legislation (e.g., the infamous “40 acres and a mule”), and at the same time allowed the Democrats in their respective states, to legislatively check the hard-won victories on the battlefield won with so much blood and guts, that enabled the defeated Democrats  to introduce the discriminative Jim Crow laws into the books, and then to create (in 1865) a militant wing of the party, the Ku Klux Klan, that went on to intimidate, terrorize and murder mostly blacks, but some white Republicans, for another century. The Grand Old Party well earned it’s pejorative, the Stupid Party ( Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory after war, was, alas, not a one-time thing for the GOP. Regrettably, it has depressingly recurred after the wars waged by Bush père et fils, Desert Storm (1991, the brilliantly executed ouster of Saddam Hussein out of occupied Kuwait) and Operation Enduring Freedom (2003-11, the quick ouster of Hussein, but the badly thought out “occupation” of Iraq). Bush père’s not well thought out “post-war” plan led to the embarrassingly tragic Kurd crisis, and to their ultimate re-subjugation by Saddam’s henchmen, thus emboldening a defeated foe. Bush fils, fared no better. His advisors’ “small footprint” occupation led to a drawn out guerrilla war for years after the quick ouster of Hussein, worst still, by allowing both Iraq and Afghanistan to establish “Islamic” republics by constitution, meant literally, that all the sacrifice in treasure and blood was for naught. Imagine that in Germany and Japan after their defeats in World War II, the Allied Powers had allowed a “Fourth Reich” to remain or the “divine” Emperor Hirohito to retain power? That is what Bush fils allowed. The “Letting the vanquished rule the Victor Party” does not roll off the tongue…the “Stupid Party” does.


Progressive icon, Woodrow Wilson, a Virginian, was the first southerner to win the White House after Tyler did in 1848. He lived up to his southern roots by segregating all government offices in the capital. During his 2nd term in office, the 19th amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1920, giving women the right to vote, and also in 1920, the League of Nations was founded, in large part because of Wilson’s belief that Nations should have self-determination and settle disputes in a peaceful manner. Unfortunately, this magnanimous attitude towards self-determination and voting did not include his fellow Black Americans. When in 1917, the US entered World War I, after campaigning with the promise of keeping the US out of the war, the army he sent to save Democracy was a segregated one.


A great political upheaval occurred in the 1930’s, due largely from the rise of  revolutionary socialists’ and workers’ activism reacting  to the ascension to power of the Bolsheviks in the USSR in  October,1917, along with the calamities of the Great Depression that begun at the end of 1929- during the presidency of Republican, Herbert Hoover. Most of the cities in the US were ruled by Republican mayors, but by the end of the 30’s Democrats were ruling America’s cities. Unfortunately, these revolutionary times did not make their way to the South…Democrats were already the entrenched power down there- and the Republicans were small in number, and lacked the revolutionary zeal for a drawn out fight. The changing times passed the South by, and one can only speculate how different life would be for Blacks and other minorities now because of this. The northern Democrats were not in the mood to rock the boat on their recently achieved gains and did not spare much thought on the plight of the poor Black Democrats in the South. The golden age of the Democrats in terms of their championing civil rights occurred between 1955 and 1970. In this decade and a half, mostly young activists of all colors and creeds- with the help of some Republicans- changed the world, using mostly non-violence, moral suasion, marches, protests, and boycotts. Martin Luther King (1929-68) was the face and the moral force behind the civil rights movement. For this, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964. Because of the success of the civil rights movement, the Democrats claim the mantle of Champions of Civil Rights. Still, if not for GOP support of the famous civil rights legislation in the 60’s, the southern Democrats would have kept Jim Crow alive in the South much longer. Since 1970, women, Hispanics, gays and lesbians, and other groups and causes have all gained their rightful places in American society, but for the Democrats, that’s more like 50 years rather than 200 years of supporting the rights of others.


Come 2017, and we have come full circle with the Democrats. The party that fought for Free Speech now routinely denies it to others that they disagree with and are deemed purveyors of “Hate Speech”, therefore, people worthy of being silenced. The party that defended the “vulnerable” now bullies verbally and attacks physically those they deem “offensive”, namely anyone they dislike. They still use the power of government to silence those they disagree with ( e.g., the IRS punishing all “Tea Party” applicants for tax-deferred status, and infamously, the Christian bakers who are forced to bake cakes for homosexual weddings). The last three elections won by the GOP in 2000, 2004, and 2016, have all been contested in court, in the Fake News Media, and on the streets, schools, and precincts of power. The elected Democrats response to the election is a far cry from that sole “You lie” shouted by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) in 2009. The cacophonous cry of “illegitimate” because the election was “stolen” since Clinton received 3M more votes than Trump in the general election, a number which has been questioned by the GOP (Most of those 3M votes came from California, a state that provides drivers licenses- and thus, a means of voting illegally in elections- to illegal aliens. Nevada is said to have demanded of its government workers in their DMVs, Department of Motor Vehicles, to register illegal aliens to vote.


After the Muslim terrorist in Washington state was found to have voted illegally in 3 elections, the state’s Secretary of State “explained” that the system was designed to not be able to check if anyone is a legal citizen. Yes, designed by the Democrats in the state to allow such illegal voting. Add to this the sitting president, Obama, going on a televised interview to say that he encouraged illegal aliens to vote in the upcoming election and that he assured them there wouldn’t be any repercussions). The claim of illegitimacy is also being fueled by the fabricated story that the Russians interfered somehow in the election. First, the claim was made that the DNC e-mail leaks exposed by WikiLeaks were provided by Russian hackers. WikiLeaks denied this and said that it was Seth Rich, who was killed by a “robber” shortly after he provided the e-mails to WikiLeaks. The Russians influenced the election by colluding with Trump campaign workers, was the next claim. The now more than year-long investigation by our Intel Community has found ZERO evidence of ANY collusion between any Trump campaign worker, nor Trump himself, with any Russians. Here’s what we DO know…according to the DNC email leaks, this entire “The Russians Hacked the election” scandal was fabricated by the Clinton campaign with the DNC, and the Fake News Media, which broke the story as a scandal. If anything, it was the Media that tried to influence the election because of their bias and complete disregard of journalistic objectivity. Instead of reporting on the campaign, they actively participated in it by constantly pushing stories negative to Trump, no matter how trivial the matter was, while on the other hand completely ignoring stories and reports negative to Clinton. Couple this with the push by the Media to make it seem that Trump had zero chance of winning at all by constantly broadcasting polls of questionable validity     ( most all of these polls over-sampled Democrats vs Republicans ) which was meant to demoralize Trump and Trump supporters. As for hacking the election, as of now, the Fake News Media has only reported on one entity actually hacking the election, namely, Obama’s Department Of Homeland Security, which apparently tried to enter the electoral system of the states of Georgia and Indiana. Despite all of this, the Democrats refuse to give up the cry of “illegitimate” and “impeach”. One can sympathize. If for 6 months you are told your candidate is a shoe-in but then loses in a landslide, how else other than with cheating could it have been possible? It’s enough to make one riot- and make the angriest of them, want to go out and punch a Nazi in the face. It’s perfectly fine to punch a Nazi in the face, as was white supremacist, Richard Spencer, in Washington, D.C.,  during the riot after the inauguration. Most of the Fake News Media agreed with their fellow Democrats’ view that haters should be physically assaulted with impunity. “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” wrote Robert Burns. The Law of Unexpected Consequences, as radio talk-show host, writer, columnist, and Fox News commentator, Tammy Bruce calls it, and as we say, “Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it.” In Berkeley, in the middle of a riot, an Antifa fascist got just what she wanted, the chance to scalp a white-supremacist fascist. Karma.

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