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On the other side of the wall meant to keep disbelievers out lies, MagicUnicornLand. If you go through the EnchantedForest and crest the hill, you’ll find yourself looking down on ThingsThatNeverHappenedLand, that fantasy world where FakeJournalists of the FakeNewsMedia (FNM) make their home and report on things that, wait for it…never happened! (Full disclosure…I could never have made it there if not for bunny lover and anti-SJW YouTuber, Shoe0nHead, and her Brendan Fraser looking BF. Thanx, June.)  Since November’s stunning victory for Trump, we’ve been celebrating the GOP triumph- and the fact that Hillary was not in the White House, but the propaganda wing of the Democrat Party- the FakeNewsMedia– has not been. In fact, they and the party have been doing their best to try to undermine and delegitimize Trump’s presidency. One way they’ve tried to hurt the GOP is by constantly reporting on supposed hate crimes committed by Trump supporters on innocent Muslims, Blacks, Gays, and whomever else the FNM thinks will gain traction and cause the most scandal for the White House since all these supposed crimes are caused by the “climate of fear” that Trump’s rhetoric and policy proposals are creating for the “vulnerable” in the country. The latest EpicFail has been the case of a Muslim assistant professor at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, IN, who filed a false police report claiming he had been assaulted by Deplorables- i.e., Trump supporters. He will now be having his “3 hots and a cot” courtesy of the Indiana DOC. Usually, these FakeHateCrimes are reported by students, but the professoriate is playing catch-up. In central Florida, a professor at Rollins College, in Winter Park, FL ( North of Orlando), also filed a false police report on a student, She has been relieved her post. What is going on in Academia? They’re either crying wolf about being attacked or actually attacking conservatives by aiding and abetting the Democrats’ BlackShirts, Antifa- as did a professor at Diablo Valley Community College in Pleasant Hill, CA (East of San Francisco), who hammered a Trump supporter over the head with a bike lock. He’ll be enjoying his “3 hots and cot” courtesy of the CA DOC. This happened in the footsteps of the riot at UC Berkeley in February when Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak there. A UCB staffer bragged on social media of beating up Milo fans…Here’s a rule of thumb, if you will, to aid you in keeping track of all these “hate crimes”… just assume they’re a big fat lie. In Arabic, it’s Taqiyya– lies told to “infidels” to further the cause of Islam, or lie like a fly with a booger in your eye- for those of you of an age.


Holocaust Remembrance Day was on April 24, and of course, the Democrats and their mouthpieces in the FNM were out in full force condemning the Trump Administration for causing anti-Semitism to rise in the country…talk about Chutzpah! This from the party that just had a 8 year anti-Israel pro-Islamic empty suit as their leader who essentially gave terrorist sponsoring state, Iran, the ability to wipe Israel off the map, something the mullahs say they WILL do, and whose second at the DNC is a rabid, pro-CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations- a Hamas front group, which pushes for Sharia in the US and attacks anyone who they see as  critical of Islam), pro-Muslim Brotherhood, anti-Semitic Representative from Michigan (Keith Ellison), and whose DNC vice chair in New York City (Michael Blake) threatened anyone who dared criticize pro-terror, pro-Sharia, “Feminist” Linda Sarsour, and a candidate for City Council (Thomas Lopez-Pierre) who calls Jews, “greedy landlords”, and whose militant wing, Antifa, refers to Jews as, “heebs”. LOL  It wasn’t that long ago that the FNM was blaming Trump for the PhoneJihad, the bomb threats to many Jewish centers across the country, and many cemetery desecrations also, that is until, unsurprisingly, a Democrat party activist was arrested, also, surprisingly, an Israeli teen in Tel Aviv. Shame, Democrats, shame.


Why do they and their minions in the FNM continue with these so obvious lies?  For so long- too long- the Modus Operandi of the Democrats has been to fabricate scandal by over using racist/racism, sexist/sexism, anti-Semite/anti-Semitism, and most recently, homophobe/homophobia and islamophobe/Islamophobia against their political opponents so much so that these words and accusations are now meaningless. In fact, by crying wolf every day, they have done the opposite of condemning terrible things like racism. By pushing the J’accuse! button way too often, they’ve rendered these words and accusations and even the word, Nazi, meaningless, since everyone who isn’t a Democrat is called and considered a Nazi by them. Is the Democrats’ “race card” the Manchurian Candidate “Queen of Diamonds card”? In the movie (1962, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, John Frankenheimer, director, starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, and Angela Lansbury, rebooted in 2004, Paramount Pictures, Jonathan Demme, director, starring Denzel Washington, Live Schreiber, and Meryl Streep) American POWs are hypnotized and brainwashed into becoming assassins/moles, whose trigger is the playing card, Queen of Diamonds. Is there a similar hypnotic suggestion instilled into the psyches of K-12 and students in higher education by the Liberal government educational system that is triggered by the race card accusations that turns people into mindless robots spouting “Racism”?  It sure seems that way.


Well, you’ll be happy to know that Mr. Peabody and Sherman went over to Montauk, Long Island, NY, and somehow managed to “culturally appropriate” Von Neumann’s old WABAC machine, which we now will use to go to ThingsThatDidHappenLand…(Fanfare). Oh, where to begin. Let’s go to Claremont, CA., home of my Alma Mater, Pomona College, where Black students don’t want anything to do with our melanin-challenged brothers and sisters. Now, never let it be said that I, a POC (but not as ‘C’ as Blacks, but a POC, none-the-less), didn’t commiserate with my fellow POC in their struggle against melanin-

Picture1                                                                                                                                                                          challenged “oppression”. I don’t agree with it, but do empathize- sort of. That being said, it really chaps my hide (Do POC use that phrase? IDGAF, I’m culturally appropriating it, so deal.) that POC will disavow any and all contact and activities with the melanin-challenged among us, except when it comes time for paying the bill, so to speak. Really? What’s  up with that? Grow up, especially you special snowflakes at Amherst College in MA. who want nothing to do with the American flag but want America’s money to subsidize your school and educations, not to mention the special kind of stupid snowflakes at the University of Virginia, in Charlottesville, VA.- founded by our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson- who want status and even his name removed from the campus because he owned slaves (That he was the author of the Declaration of Independence and proto-founder of the Democrat party means nothing, I guess).  Yes, the people that are eternally aggrieved and easily triggered- or as I think of them, the “PEA Partiers,” don’t want anything to do with TJ, yet don’t wish to bar nickles, much less those rectangular pieces of rag that have his likeness and the number “2” on them, nor Washington’s with the “1”, on them, for that matter. How hypocritical. Try to be a little more consistent with your outrages, or we’ll begin to ignore them- like all your other overblown outrage. It seems Claremont, or the Claremont Colleges, have something wrong with their water. There’s the silliness at Pomona College, then at Pitzer College, they wish to have Black only dorms- and water fountains, too, presumably, and at Claremont McKenna College (CMC), the melanin-challenged sisters aren’t supposed to wear hoop earrings because of cultural appropriation- or something. Sigh…#TheClaremontCollegesAreCancer.


Mike Cernovich, journalist at Danger and Play, straight from his victorious interview by FakeJournalist, Scott Pelley, of 60 Minutes, was at the White House Press Room not too long ago and asked the water carriers of the FNM if any of them would ever ask any elected Democrat if they disavowed the violence being perpetrated by their BlackShirts in Antifa…crickets. The war on conservatives being waged on American campuses and in the streets has been going on for a while now. It was highlighted by Milo Yiannopoulos’ stop at UC Berkeley where extreme violence erupted thanks to Antifa. That Cal was the birthplace of The Free Speech Movement in the 60’s gave them more of a black eye because of the riots. As mentioned above, professors are running amok in America. They’ve assaulted conservatives and continually make death threats against the president. It is a fact that it is the American professoriate that has spawned the new Anti-Free Speech Movement. They’ve created a Frankensteinian monster, and as in Mary Shelley’s story, it is now coming after it’s creator.


What would a trip into ThingsThatDidHappenLand be without a, “Only in Chicago,” segment? Black people were gunned down (In a city with some of the most stringent gun-control laws in the nation, and one run by the Democrats for nearly a century) by other black people (It’s almost like they ignore the law about guns…and about murdering people). Let’s not forget that Chicago is the adopted hometown of ex-president Obama, where more people were killed during his two terms than all the US military personnel killed in Afghanistan. Sad. Should we call these killers, “The Militant Black wing of the Democrat Party,” or “Young inner-city Democrat gang thugs”? The Militant Hispanic wing of the Democrat Party (Or is it a club?), Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS13), continues spreading cultural enrichment in Texas, Virginia, and New York by murdering anyone and everyone that get’s in their way or dares to not join up with these tattooed love boys. Deal, peasants.


When Cernovich asked his infelicitous question, it was met with deafening silence and scornful faces. I remember during the election cycle that CNN talking head, Ana Navarro- “GOP strategist” constantly condemned Trump of racism because of his rhetoric and anti-illegal immigrant stance, not to mention his “Build The Wall” promise, and would constantly be demanding of the GOP if they would disavow what Trump had said or done. Now that CNN is being sued for racial discrimination by its black employees, Ms. Navarro has not once condemned nor disavowed her connection to said racists. Is she a hypocrite? A racist? Or does she simply not care about black people? The same can be asked about the FakeJournalists at the New York Times, which is also being sued for racial discrimination. What is going on in the ultra double-plus liberal FakeNewsMedia? Oh, wait…we’re talking about the Democrats, the Party of Slavery, Jim Crow, and Ethnic Cleansing of the Indians, that has always had a “Us vs. the Other” mentality…nevermind.

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