“This Land is Your Land” …or is it?

Walt Pereira   The claim of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) being part Native American surfaced again during last year’s election cycle due to Donald Trump using the epithet, “Pocahontas,” in regards to her. One of my favorite Trump moments came when in a press conference in May 2016, while in North Dakota, a reporter asked... Continue Reading →

What Does the ICE Really Do?

Tobias J Song   When I started reading the newspaper, stories about ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) were always featured on the front page. But the stories are not about how well the governmental agency is doing their jobs, but about stories of illegal immigrants who are subjected to be removed by ICE. They play... Continue Reading →

The Rousseau – de Sade Cage Death Match

Walt Pereira    The report of the results of a study done at the University of Toronto (Canada) says the researchers found that 6-month-old babies have the tendencies for racism. Two things, first I thought that only white people could be racist, and second, what does this say about Rousseauian liberalism’s claim that people are... Continue Reading →

The “Let There Be Light” Theory

Walt Pereira    More and more scientists are arriving at the conclusion that sometime in our past an extra-terrestrial intelligence intervened in our evolution to create Homo-Sapiens. I read a while ago that noted filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick (The Shining, Full Metal Jacket), not to be confused with Stanley Kramer (Blackboard Jungle, Inherit the Wind, Guess... Continue Reading →

The Stupid Deep In This Party Is

Walt Pereira   To paraphrase the late, great English statesman, Winston Churchill, the Republican Party is the worst party, except for all the others. I occasionally refer to it as the “not-Democrats”. I don’t literally hold my nose for the quadrennial GOP disappointment, but only due to the fact that I usually vote by Absentee... Continue Reading →

Best Foreign Policy Move by Team Trump

Tobias J Song   On Thursday, April 6th, the United States Navy launched 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to Syrian Airfield, and the missiles were fired from U.S. destroyers USS Porter and Ross, which were in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at the time. They attacked the airfield because, on April 4th, chemical weapons were used to... Continue Reading →

When Your DNA ≠ You

Walt Pereira   Lately, I’ve noticed a slew of “My DNA Results Videos” due to several entrepreneurial companies that have developed a somewhat affordable means of testing one’s DNA- Ancestry.com™ and 23 and Me™. It costs about $100… a bit expensive but within most people’s means if they really wish to positively absolutely know their... Continue Reading →

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