The Democrats’ “Other” Problem

Walt Pereira    The punch in the title refers to the blow to the face of a self-described, “anti-Nazi scalp Huntress”, and Antifa member, which was caught on tape and posted all over social media. For a year now , the, essentially (in this case not brown-shirted, but black-shirted), “storm troopers”  of the Democrat Party-... Continue Reading →


Walt Pereira    On the other side of the wall meant to keep disbelievers out lies, MagicUnicornLand. If you go through the EnchantedForest and crest the hill, you’ll find yourself looking down on ThingsThatNeverHappenedLand, that fantasy world where FakeJournalists of the FakeNewsMedia (FNM) make their home and report on things that, wait for it…never happened!... Continue Reading →

Free Speech for me but not for the Haters

Walt Pereira “They who to States and Govenours of the Commonwealth direct their speech…” thus begins the 85 word long first sentence of, Aereopagitica (1644), John Milton’s impassioned plea for the freedom of the presses which he penned in the midst of the English Civil War (1642-51), that pitted monarchists versus parliamentarians. As we contend... Continue Reading →

(The) Resistance is Futile

Walt Pereira    The last election cycle left so many people speechless. They could not believe that their precious constitutional right to vote was, in their opinion, for naught. A tale of two worsts, Clinton and Trump. They remind me of the people that call fashion magazines “pornography”. I’m just as annoyed at people who... Continue Reading →

The “50 Reasons for Climate Change” Skepticism

Stephen Maxner Recently Bret Stephens (noted Never Trump “conservative” formerly of the Wall Street Journal) penned his first editorial for the New York Times, and he (gently) challenged the dogma of climate change (while all along virtue signaling that, of course, he is on the correct side of the issue and not an ignorant cretin... Continue Reading →

The Rousseau – de Sade Cage Death Match

Walt Pereira    The report of the results of a study done at the University of Toronto (Canada) says the researchers found that 6-month-old babies have the tendencies for racism. Two things, first I thought that only white people could be racist, and second, what does this say about Rousseauian liberalism’s claim that people are... Continue Reading →

The Stupid Deep In This Party Is

Walt Pereira   To paraphrase the late, great English statesman, Winston Churchill, the Republican Party is the worst party, except for all the others. I occasionally refer to it as the “not-Democrats”. I don’t literally hold my nose for the quadrennial GOP disappointment, but only due to the fact that I usually vote by Absentee... Continue Reading →

When Your DNA ≠ You

Walt Pereira   Lately, I’ve noticed a slew of “My DNA Results Videos” due to several entrepreneurial companies that have developed a somewhat affordable means of testing one’s DNA-™ and 23 and Me™. It costs about $100… a bit expensive but within most people’s means if they really wish to positively absolutely know their... Continue Reading →

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