Walt Pereira    On the other side of the wall meant to keep disbelievers out lies, MagicUnicornLand. If you go through the EnchantedForest and crest the hill, you’ll find yourself looking down on ThingsThatNeverHappenedLand, that fantasy world where FakeJournalists of the FakeNewsMedia (FNM) make their home and report on things that, wait for it…never happened!... Continue Reading →

The Onerous Path to Citizenship of U.S. soldiers

Tobias J Song   USCIS (United States Citizenships and Immigration Services) is the governmental agency under the department of homeland security. The agency was formerly called INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) under the Department of Justice. USCIS was transferred to the department of homeland security in 2003 because of the increased security needs in regards... Continue Reading →

Best Foreign Policy Move by Team Trump

Tobias J Song   On Thursday, April 6th, the United States Navy launched 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles to Syrian Airfield, and the missiles were fired from U.S. destroyers USS Porter and Ross, which were in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea at the time. They attacked the airfield because, on April 4th, chemical weapons were used to... Continue Reading →

Germany Swiftly Becoming the New Sweden

Allen Gaynor   Within the past forty-eight hours, there have reportedly been three violent attacks across the nation of Germany, the latest of which left fifty people frightened, and two children with respiratory issues, when tear gas was released on a train in Hamburg yesterday evening. Two suspects, according to German national police, are on the... Continue Reading →

Our War with the Islamic State

Matthew Arostegui   The Islamic State has been operating with its quasi-state system since it started to capture large swaths of land in Iraq and Syria in April of 2013. You may have heard of this group referred to as ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq) and the Levant,... Continue Reading →

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